Services & Capabilities

CaVU provides a wide range of capabilities across the Navy spectrum. From Unmanned Systems Integration to figuring out the complexities of a Master Schedule and everything in between. We invite you to explore below and contact us to learn more.

Unmanned Systems Integration

CaVU Consulting Inc. provides Unmanned Systems Integration to the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense (DoD). To fully realize the potential UAS can bring to the Navy and the Nation, they must be fully integrated with existing and future ship and shore systems. This represents a significant shift away from stove-piped, fully vertically integrated systems which result in “vendor lock” and limited integration with Navy and DoD networks and intelligence systems. CaVU provides technical and program management Subject Matter Expert Integrator capabilities across U.S. Navy and DoD shipboard, tactical and enterprise systems.

Program/ Acquisition Management

We understand the evolutionary process associated with the acquisition life cycle and apply our expertise to ensure that cost effective and supportable solutions are provided in a timely manner. 

CaVU provides acquisition and program management support as part of our advisory and assistance services to numerous DoD organizations. We provide full life cycle program support, from inception during the Materiel Solution Analysis through post-production Operations.

Tactical Networks Engineering/ Architecture

CaVU Consulting, Inc. has a unique set of qualified, professionally certified network engineers with multi-year technical “deck-plate” experience supporting Navy Tactical Networks and associated long-haul IP transport systems. We have the capability to guide, develop and implement Tactical Network solutions, and to integrate advanced technology within traditional tactical network designs. 

Systems Engineering

CaVU applies a disciplined, comprehensive, and iterative systems engineering process to our projects that encompasses all technical and managerial aspects of the entire systems life cycle and provides balanced solutions that satisfy our customers’ needs.

Cybersecurity Engineering

CaVU Consulting, Inc. is a premier provider of Cybersecurity services to the US Navy and Department of Defense (DoD). Member’s of CaVU’s CyberSecurity Workforce possess Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) credentials, as well as certifications and training in multiple Microsoft and Unix operating systems, Cisco networking hardware, and various DoD C4I systems and applications.

UAS Airspace Integration

CaVU Consulting, Inc. provides Unmanned Airspace Integration services to the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense (DoD). Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) integration in the National Airspace System and Tactical Environment is an integral part of supporting CONUS and Deployed UAS missions. DoD UAS require NAS access to Train pilots/operators, to participate in Joint Exercises and to develop and test new systems and UAS elements. Many DOD UAS entities have no direct access to Restricted Areas, Warning Areas or other training areas.

US Navy Ship Systems Integration and Installation

CaVU personnel provide Systems Integration and Installation (SI&I) support across a variety of programs.  Our engineers provide comprehensive support for mission-critical shipboard communications, IT and UAS systems. From design to installation and maintenance, CaVU covers the full technology lifecycle for C5ISR systems aboard Navy ships.  Our ship modernization services encompass integration and installation services for new UAS command centers and C4I Infrastructure on Navy carriers. After installation we ensure systems are tied into ship’s networks through System Operational Verification Testing (SOVT) and certification.

Integrated Master Schedule

CaVU provides in-depth project analysis of critical activities leveraging Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) tools and techniques to provide actionable management decision aids. As a keystone project tool, the IMS enables management of large and complex materiel acquisition programs and is used by program/project management teams for planning, executing, and tracking project cost, schedule, and performance parameters. The IMS provides crucial data for project risk analysis.