Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

Tactical Networks Engineering/ Architecture

CaVU Consulting, Inc. has a unique set of qualified, professionally certified network engineers with multi-year technical “deck-plate” experience supporting Navy Tactical Networks and associated long-haul IP transport systems. We have the capability to guide, develop and implement Tactical Network solutions, and to integrate advanced technology within traditional tactical network designs.  

Our Navy-veteran network engineers possess the perfect mix of current technological know-how plus real-world experience supporting maritime networks.  They are known for their contributions to many successful engineering efforts developing tactical networks for UAS vehicles, control stations and the IP transport paths between them.  

Our personnel have a proven track record of advising and assisting all levels of Program staff and Project Engineers as well as ship’s technicians from the IT Seaman to the ship’s Combat Systems Officer.  CaVU’s network engineers truly understand the environment within which Navy Tactical Networks must succeed.

Services Include:

  • Development of high-level network specifications, to include Capability Based Assessments (CBA), Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Initial Capability Documents (ICD), Capability Development Document (CDD) and Capability Production Document (CPD)
  • Creation of derived requirements for networks (“Tier” 1-5 documents), based on the above high-level specification documents
  • Field-experienced advice on designing/developing technologically sound, safe, testable, sustainable and affordable increments of capabilities
  • Engineering support to research and development of networks and associated communications systems
  • Integration of tactical networks via interfaces with external sensors, other networks, IP transport and associated communications systems
  • Integration of new network capabilities into Navy-specific environments such as CANES, ISNS, ADNS (Afloat Tactical Networks), STACC, etc.
  • Integration of Tactical Networks with long-haul IP transport such as DISN IPT-PE and commercial or military SATCOM (WGS, MUOS, Global eXpress HCB, etc.)
  • Integration of tactical systems with enterprise network services such as IP telephony, Navy-Enterprise CND, DISA’s UVDS & GBS, etc. 
  • Lab-level network engineering and test planning, execution and documentation
  • Field/afloat installation, configuration and on-site support for network testing and integration events
  • Configuration Management of network artifacts such as: topology diagrams; IP addresses, subnetworks & VLAN schemes; network device configuration files; Ports Protocols and Services Matrix; firewall rulesets; and security policy config files.
  • Support to Cybersecurity efforts including Risk Management Framework authorization packages, compliance checks (e.g., STIGs), vulnerability scans, artifact collection, etc.