Our name is derived from the aviation acronym “Ceiling and Visibility … Unlimited” … essentially optimal flying weather! Team CaVU embody this positive vibe as we bring creative, powerful and best-value solutions to clients and partners. We bring decades of experience in C4ISR Operations, Unmanned Systems Integration, Network Engineering, Cybersecurity Engineering, Systems Engineering, Program/Acquisition Management, US Navy Ship Systems Integration and Installation,  Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) National Airspace System, and Tactical Airspace Integration, as well as subject-matter expertise in a variety of other disciplines.

Core Values

CaVU is led by retired Naval Officers and our corporate values are a direct reflection of our professional background:

  • Honor — We pledge to always conduct ourselves honorably. Our clients, partners and employees deserve absolute integrity in all we do.
  • Courage — We strive to always display the courage to “do the right thing,” even in the face of difficult challenges.
  • Commitment — We will always remain committed to our clients, people and partners. It is through mutual respect, hard work, technical excellence and innovation that we will succeed as a team.


CaVU is the provider of choice for our clients, crafting best-value solutions across a wide spectrum of functional areas. We are defined by our integrity, technical excellence and commitment to our clients, people and partners. We consistently make a positive impact on our community and leave every situation we are involved in better for our involvement.


  • Unmanned Systems Integration
  • Program/Acquisition Management
  • Tactical Networks Engineering/Architecture
  • Cybersecurity Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • US Navy Ship Systems Integration and Installation
  • UAS Airspace Integration
  • Integrated Master Schedule