Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

Integrated Master Schedule

CaVU provides in-depth project analysis of critical activities leveraging Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) tools and techniques to provide actionable management decision aids. As a keystone project tool, the IMS enables management of large and complex materiel acquisition programs and is used by program/project management teams for planning, executing, and tracking project cost, schedule, and performance parameters. The IMS provides crucial data for project risk analysis.

CaVU’s Integrated Master Scheduling services include:

  • Detailed data visualization to manage critical activities and assess progress and performance
  • Analysis and production of sequenced work activities (tasks) resulting in project deliverables
  • Development, analysis and management of a network of dependent tasks, deliverables, and milestones driving programmatic execution
  • Development and maintenance of vertical and horizontal activity traceability to ensure efficient and executable activity sequencing to achieve the required outcome
  • Research and production of facts-based schedule-validated leadership decision aids