Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

US Navy Ship Systems Integration and Installation

CaVU personnel provide Systems Integration and Installation (SI&I) support across a variety of programs.  Our engineers provide comprehensive support for mission-critical shipboard communications, IT and UAS systems. From design to installation and maintenance, CaVU covers the full technology lifecycle for C5ISR systems aboard Navy ships.  Our ship modernization services encompass integration and installation services for new UAS command centers and C4I Infrastructure on Navy carriers. After installation we ensure systems are tied into ship’s networks through System Operational Verification Testing (SOVT) and certification.

Services Include:

  • Engineering and acquisition support to U.S. Navy and DoD customers to fulfill Organizational objectives for meeting Program of Record requirements
  • Engineering and technical support to the U.S. Navy for CVN integration and C4I technical issues focusing on ship integration, communications, networking, and testing activities
  • Leadership and management support to Navy program management and engineering teams providing decision quality data in support of organizational CVN integration activities, schedules, and systems development/milestones
  • Engineering services including Ship Change Document (SCD) development and staffing, Interface Control Document (ICD) development and validation, Functional Interface Diagrams (FID) and program specific CVN-related specification development at all tiers 
  • On-site engineering services and support for Navy ship alterations with associated program specific communications and networking upgrades 
  • Provide engineering, management and technical support for the development, testing and installation of CVN Integration interfaces on Navy platforms
  • Develop and maintain CVN and system level architecture 
  • System level engineering and risk management support, technical briefing development and delivery, 
  • Technical and leadership meeting support, agenda development and capture, action item production, tracking and meeting documentation
  • Certification and Operational Verification Procedures and Technical Support for Shipboard Air Surveillance and Air Traffic Control Radars and Radar Track Processing Systems Including TPX-42, SYY-1 AN/SPN-50 and SPY-6 (Enterprise Air Surveillance Radar) and Dual Band Radars