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UAS Airspace Integration

CaVU Consulting, Inc. provides Unmanned Airspace Integration services to the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense (DoD). Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) integration in the National Airspace System and Tactical Environment is an integral part of supporting CONUS and Deployed UAS missions. DoD UAS require NAS access to Train pilots/operators, to participate in Joint Exercises and to develop and test new systems and UAS elements. Many DOD UAS entities have no direct access to Restricted Areas, Warning Areas or other training areas. To expand access to these critical training areas it is essential to develop and implement standardized procedures, integrate technology developments and secure regulatory updates to secure freedom of operation. Focus areas for UAS Airspace integration efforts include Visual line-of-sight, Terminal Area Operations, Lateral/Vertical Transit Operations, Operating Areas, and Dynamic Operating Areas in CONUS and while deployed in Oceanic Airspace.

Services Include:

  • Preparation and Development of UAS CONOPS and Airspace Integration (AI) Plan/Strategy
  • Collate Certificate of Authorization (COA) Data Points for Induction into the FAA COA Online Portal
  • Coordination with FAA to Enable Certificate of Authorization or Waiver (COA) Process Approval 
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Technical Progress on COA Application Process
  • Decision Analysis
  • Airspace Risk Hazard Analysis
  • Support for Ground Based/Airborne Sense and Avoid (GBSAA/ABSAA) Solutions development for UAS Operations
  • Outline “Sense and Avoid” (SAA) Enabled Operations & Associated Standards
  • Develop Operation Standards for Departure/Transit/Arrival, Lost-Comm, Lost-Link, Loss of SAA Procedures and Emergency Procedures
  • Coordination with Airworthiness Authorities in Concert with SAA Enabled Operations
  • Coordination of Approved UAS Operations with Federal, Regional and Local ATC Agencies
  • Coordination with Approving Agencies for Operations in Due Regard Airspace 
  • Identify for Client’s Near, Mid, and Far-Term UAS Requirements–in a Construct that is Incrementally Achievable
  • Implementation of Continuous Improvement Efforts for COA Products and Processes