Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited

Unmanned Systems Integration

CaVU Consulting Inc. provides Unmanned Systems Integration to the U.S. Navy and Department of Defense (DoD). To fully realize the potential UAS can bring to the Navy and the Nation, they must be fully integrated with existing and future ship and shore systems. This represents a significant shift away from stove-piped, fully vertically integrated systems which result in “vendor lock” and limited integration with Navy and DoD networks and intelligence systems. CaVU provides technical and program management Subject Matter Expert Integrator capabilities across U.S. Navy and DoD shipboard, tactical and enterprise systems.


Services Include:

  • Automated Digital Network Services (ADNS) specifications, technical development, network architecture development and unmanned systems requirements integration
  • Airborne Networking Tactical Systems development and integration
  • Unmanned Systems unique Cyber Security analysis and Risk Management Framework execution 
  • Unmanned Systems Performance Specification and Interface Requirements Specification development and refinement
  • Operational and Interface Functional Architecture development, future manning requirements
  • Unmanned Systems sensor data flows/exploitation planning
  • Unmanned Systems CONEMP/CONOP development and fleet introduction
  • Navy and DOD intel systems such as DCGS-N/SSEE integration and data exploitation workflows
  • Advanced Development support to including interfacing with program office IPTs, NAVAIR, NAWCAD, PEO(U&W), Fleet, FFRDCs and ONR personnel and to advise leadership on unmanned system and Fleet capability gaps which can be filled by technology