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Posted on: 08/15/2018 - 5:04 pm

Status: Open

CaVU Consulting, Inc. is seeking a mid-level Network Engineer for its Unmanned Carrier Aircraft CVN Networks/ADNS SME position

Location: San Diego, CA

Employment Type: Full Time, Salary Exempt

Travel: TBD

Clearance: DoD  Secret or higher

Citizenship: Must be a United States Citizen


Detailed position description:


Unmanned Carrier Aircraft (UCA) CVN Networks/ADNS SME

The Navy’s Unmanned Carrier Aircraft (UCA) program will field an aircraft to be flown and controlled from an aircraft carrier (CVN) or certain fixed control sites ashore. Network traffic between the aircraft and its control station will travel over the Navy’s Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) and Automated Digital Network System (ADNS). UCA requires network engineering support.

The CVN Networks/ADNS SME will work within a larger team of UCA engineers, in several development and test laboratories located at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific in San Diego, CA. The CVN Networks/ADNS SME will periodically travel for short-durations to Lexington Park, MD., and additional sites as required. He/She may be tasked with other UCA network efforts and test events.

Primary tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Upgrade Cisco device hardware
  • Patch Cisco IOS and apply updated STIGs
  • Install updated Cisco configurations
  • CANES Surrogate technical support: Troubleshoot, maintain, install upgrades to CANES surrogates as required
  • ADNS Surrogate technical support: Troubleshoot, maintain, install upgrades to ADNS prototypes and surrogates as required
  • Conduct testing of CANES surrogates and ADNS prototypes and surrogates
  • Perform follow on design work for CANES surrogates and ADNS prototypes and surrogates
  • Assist with detailed design, and test program development for Fixed Control Station ADNS
  • Operator for CANES Application Integration Systems Integration Testing (AI SIT)
  • Perform data analysis for CANES Application Integration Systems Integration Testing (AI SIT)
  • Support boundary defense transfer system design if required for DFIA.
  • Develop Network test architecture
  • Analyze new features and capabilities being fielded in CANES and ADNS PoR sytems
  • Design revisions to ADNS to keep pace with UCA project requirements
  • Verify UCA and ADNS systems’ compatibility after changes to ADNS or UCA
  • Author and manage configuration documents
  • Create/collect Cybersecurity artifacts for use in accreditation packages
  • Plan for on-site installation, configuration and verification of network systems
  • Reconfigure Test network systems to accommodate UCA test architecture changes
  • Verify that in-service network systems are performing to specifications
  • Provide distance support to engineers at other UCA test facilities
  • Provide on-site support at NAS Patuxent River during high-profile test events
  • Collaborate with, and support, other engineers on the UCA project
  • Requirements:


Mandatory Skills and Abilities:

  • Must currently possess a U.S.G. Secret Security Clearance. Must also be able to qualify for higher clearance (able to pass a SSBI).


    1. Five years’ hands-on Cisco router and switch configuration experience either ashore or afloat preferably with Navy ADNS and/or Navy CANES. This should include designing, configuring and troubleshooting complex geographically distributed Cisco routing architectures with emphasis on the following:
      • Designing and configuring Multicast distributed network architectures
      • Configuring Router processes associated with U.S.G. encryption systems
      • Prioritizing/“Shaping” network traffic; configuring QoS, DSCP and packet tagging
      • Configuring Policy-based routing and Access Control Lists
      • Configuring mGRE Tunnels
      • Streaming Full-Motion Video
      • Trunking voice traffic
      • Configuring advanced routing protocols; specifically: OSPF
    1. Ready to comply with DoN CSWF program requirements of SECNAV M-5239.2, for Cyber IT Specialty Area 44, “Network Services”. This requirement will have a due date agreed upon between the company and the government which may range from pre-hiring to six months post-hiring. See para 2 below for more information on CSWF.
    2. Presently certified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) “Routing and Switching” (preferred), or capable of earning within two months of hiring date.
    3. Experience with network troubleshooting/testing tools and processes
    4. Able to travel; typically one to three weeks duration, approximately six times per year

Preferred Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to quickly learn new systems and skills through dedicated personal effort
  2. Proactive self-starter and independent worker; good problem-solver
  3. Hands-on experience with some or all of these systems is a plus:
  • ADNS, and CANES networks afloat or ashore
  • Terrestrial Navy/DoD IP transport networks
  • Navy airborne networking (e.g., E-2D, P-3/P-8, MQ-4C, etc.)
  • DoD Unmanned Vehicles/Systems (UAS, UAV, UUV, etc.)
  1. Experience with Network Cybersecurity Authorization processes, to include:
      • Router and Switch IOS and Patch Management
      • Performing vulnerability scans, and applying STIGs to network devices
      • Maintaining Ports, Protocols & Services Matrices
  1. Experience diagraming Cisco networks; for example, in MS-Visio
  2. Experience with Configuration Management (CM) processes
  3. Experience with Version Control of software, configurations and documents
  4. Experience with advanced document features of MS-Excel and MS-Word
  5. Strong communications skills; able to prepare and present technical briefs
  6. Ability to integrate priorities with other UCA project tasks


A Bachelor’s Degree in IT/IS is preferred. A Master’s Degree in IT/IS is a plus.

Military Experience:

Candidates should have a minimum of five years’ experience performing in a DoD IT environment, either in uniform or as civilian/contractor. Ten years DoD IT experience is preferred; Navy IT experience is most-preferred.

  • DoN Cyberspace IT and Cybersecurity Workforce (Cyber IT/CSWF) Requirements.


Although not specifically identified by the government, this position aligns with Cyber IT Specialty Area 44, “Network Services.” Typically, incumbents of these positions will comply with the DON Cyber IT/CSWF Program requirements of SECNAV M-5239.2, which include:

  1. Earn and maintain appropriate credentials associated with Specialty Area 44, “Network Services” from the Cyber IT/CSWF Qualification Matrix described in SECNAV M-5239.2 (e.g., CompTIA Security+ and CCNA), and;
  2. Participate in a continuous learning program as described in SECNAVINST 1543.2, which includes a minimum of 40 hours of Cyber IT/CSWF related continuous learning annually.


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